Although Philippines is Taiwanˇ¦s closest neighbour, it was still unfamiliar to us a few years back when the decision was made to invest here. Despite having spent so much energy on research and preparation, the road ahead was still worrisomely unclear and full of the unknown. Finally, with the determination and perseverance to succeed, we bravely stepped ashore and became committed to the dream of writing our own chapter in history.
For the past years, we went through all kinds of test and trials. Many were perilous: the frequent occurrence of political coups, once-in-a-hundred-year volcanic eruptions and earthquakes, the 1997 financial crisis, the loss of valuable executive, and partner bail-out. Each blow shook our determination, but we did not give up easily ˇV we continued to move forward to this day.

Today, we have completely assimilated into what was then a strange, foreign land. We now work and rest on the local schedule, standing side-by-side with executives from the local community. We have become an indispensable partner of most local manufacturers, as well as an active participant in community services and charities. Looking back, we suddenly find ourselves taking a firm foothold on the hilltops, bathing in a welcoming sun. Nevertheless, in our joy, we sensed the silent approach of an even greater responsibility and mission.

Through the wilderness and the storms, caring assistance was provided to us as we grew along the way; our fully supportive government, shareholders that gave us complete trust, the most honourable clients, determined executives, loyal and hardworking Filipino executives, supportive partner businesses and suppliers, and wise, efficient advisers. It is here that I would like to extend my deepest appreciation to all mentioned above. Because of you, Shinkozan Corporation grew to the scale it is today. We hope that you will continue to support this multi-national, cross millennium corporation through the challenging times that follow and ride with us to the new heights.

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Ascending the peak, panoramic views mark the boundless possibilities of aspirations, blended into it the sweat of pioneer. Conquering the summit, the rolling hills below reminds one of the great journey, staring in awe at what has been achieved.


Shinkozan is the summit of Taiwan, and Shinkozan Corporation is a fine company created by Taiwanese in the Philippines. We know very well that localizing our strategies is essential to growing and standing firmly. Therefore, we made it our policy to cultivate Filipino Executives and bring them into management of the company, enabling them with a birdˇ¦s eye view for decision-making in order to create a sustainable corporate
corporate culture. Only by doing this would we be able to accompany our clients to new heights, develop products that satisfy customer demands and make the lives of people everywhere easier.

Cavite Manufacturing Plant Main Building