Our Product

We have a wide variety of our own products specialized in sheet metal as well as focused on metal doors and laser arts and are devoted to making people's dream come true. Continuous development with our clients will bring about miracles, just as the wonders you will find on every summit.

Electrical, Frames & Racks Industry

Shinkozan Corporation specializes in manufacturing power supply, uninterruptible power supply systems, computer room control facilitites, automatic bill counters, ATMs, vending machines, scanners, satellite communication products, LCD TV Componenets, automobile componenets, golf ball detectors, and medical scanner modules.

Lufata Metal Doors, Nuva Shuttle & Laser Arts

Our initial offerings for the doors: Experience a save haven environment. These unique and quality products are categorized into three offerings called Elegance, Regency, & Royalty. Each category has a purpose for customers own convenience and applications. Our engineers and technical staffs are equipped with advance 3D software to enhance customer needs. On the next decade, our products and services will expand to gates and windows as per customers’ specifications.